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I am passionate about photography. I began my journey as an award-winning Fine Art Photographer. Later, I started exploring Commercial, Fashion and Portrait Photography, applying the same dedication and creative approach to produce engaging and evocative images to meet the needs of my clients. I am continuously exploring new processes that will generate dynamic results and push the boundaries of where I have been. My favorite assignments are those that challenge both my technical abilities and creativity. I enjoy working with people who appreciate an open dialogue and collaborative approach to the creative process. I will always consider my photography a work-in-process as I continue to develop and expand my art. I hope that the growth potential knows no limits. For the day I stop learning will probably be the day I put down the camera. I hope my photography never stops evolving and that every day brings new opportunities to view and capture the world from a fresh perspective and I continue to be able to work with amazing people. While "assignment" work is my focus, Fine Art Photography continues to be my means to satisfying my artistic whims. I can often be found working a scene during the wee morning hours of first light somewhere on the South Shore (a travel mug of hot coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese usually within reach). Many of my Fine Art works are offered as PRINTS. Thank you for your interest

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